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How the accident happened and what I did after the accident 

I was involved in an accident in May 2018. With over 36 years of experience under my belt with no accidents or speeding convictions. On 28th May 2018, I decided to travel down to Margate meltdown with my wife, my daughter, her partner and our three grandchildren in the car behind.

My wife Beverley Riddington picked the route avoiding all the motorways. It was a sunny day in Margaret Meltdown, and we did catch up with our old friends and make new friends. We saw thousands of bikes and trikes. Being in no rush to get home, we thought we would avoid the motorways, but unfortunately, that was when disaster struck.

As I was riding round the bend of a lane, I came across a lorry parked across the lane, and the lorry driver was on his tablet I had no option but to take the grass verge. I directed my trike to the nearby field, and we landed on a hidden log that sent us in to two wheels making my wife fly up in the air
Luckily, my wife fell back to the seat and was unhurt.

However, I was injured; my right knee hit hard on the engine block. I had to undergo many operations, but eventually, my leg had to be amputated.

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