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My experience with insurers and how it changed my life

As I was waiting for my first operation, I contacted my insurers. The insurers connected me with a junior solicitor to take me through the process. However, I wasn't pleased with their services since they were pathetic; they were not engaging and did not tell me about the progress of the case and the cost expectation. I mistakenly believed that a more prominent insurance firm has better services, yet it was far less than my expectations from my experience.

I was disappointed, and I don’t think I can refer anyone to any insurance company. May it’s because they get so many cases to handle; hence your situation is not a priority and is just another client to them. It causes delays, and lots of customers complain as a result of poor customer services.

Their solicitor makes you feel like you are on the production line waiting for your turn.

According to my injury's solemnity, I thought a senior solicitor would work on my case, but instead, I just received a call from junior admin staff. After that, the admin sent lots of forms to fill and paperwork to sign without explaining their expected charges and still wanted me to sign my forms without sharing adequate information. Also, no one from their team visited me in the hospital, or after discharge, to get a detailed explanation involving the accident or take pictures of my injuries or scars or find out more about my wages.

After completing the forms, I was assigned a junior solicitor to handle my case, and was not up to the task and could not rely upon it. I had to chase and make frequent follow-ups for any update on my case's progress and to know whether the other driver had accepted the accident's fault, which was annoying.

It is at this point I decided to change my current solicitor and looks for an independent solicitor. It is not difficult to change solicitors if their services are poor. Some things like coming to see you for detailed information may seem petty but very important for it makes you feel that someone is concerned and the starting point of your case. Also, in the case of a severe injury, you will need a senior solicitor to handle your case that will push for an interim payment to cater for private treatment. After making the change, I immediately got a different experience. I received the care I needed and the information that I was looking after. On the first day, I spoke over the phone with the Head of serious injuries who explained all available options for my case and how much I could expect from the payout. The new solicitor was a great partner who spent an hour with me on the phone, explaining all my concerns.

He further explained to me how a claim works and the types of settlements they routinely achieve. This information made me feel fully reassured all through. He took me through the paperwork before I signed. He further took detailed information regarding the accident, my injuries, and the financial loss I suffered and did an explanation on the next steps. The information I received one day of being with my new solicitor was more than I got in the six months with my previous solicitor.

Everyone I came along with was friendly and incredibly welcoming. My file was then forwarded to given to a senior solicitor who has over 20 year's qualification. She is very brilliant and competent in this field. Within a week of attending to me, they sent a detailed statement and had arranged for my examination with a top medical expert.I know they will get much more in a settlement than the other firm. You can get in touch with the solicitor and speak to the Head of Department anytime unlike with my previous experience with the insurance solicitors. I owe them gratitude  

Within a week of seeing me, they sent a detailed statement setting out everything for my check. The solicitor drafted a schedule with all my financial losses; they then arranged medicals with the top experts and involved a senior barrister in planning my case early on.

With the love and support I received from my family and the fantastic support MRH team, I got the strength to walk in six days of being in the rehab centre. My wife has contributed to my healing process. She had to quit her job as a care manager to attend to me. The accident has caused tremendous changes in my life and ruined my love for bikes; I have two running blades and am waiting for my prosthesis legs. Therefore with my condition, I have to sell my trike because it is not suitable. Not only has it taken one leg, but it has also brought us after rehearsing, which hurt us so much. "Hopefully, once I recover, I will get the ability to ride again, and I will get back.

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