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I am here to help and advise others in the same position.

From my experience, INDEPENDENT SOLICITOR is the way to go. The insurance solicitor will waste your time, and at the end of it all, you will be left frustrated by their poor services. I am here to advise people out there who are undergoing what I experienced with the insurance solicitor.

One relevant advice I can give is that seeking services from an Independent Solicitor is the ideal choice. They are very convenient and reliable. They work in your best interest, and you are a priority to them, unlike with insurance solicitor where your case is like it is in the production line.

If you have been involved in a severe accident and suffered severe fractures do not dare to use the insurance solicitor. Instead, seek services from an independent solicitor. However, if you have not contacted an independent solicitor, I would happily recommend to my current solicitor. They have stood with me even in this lockdown era due to COVID-19. 

They are still very approachable and making every effort to help me out.

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Feel free to contact me via the email or Chat option if you had a severe accident and haven't chosen an independent solicitor or are displeased with your existing team's services. Also, contact me if you need someone to talk to, and I will be happy to listen to you and share my experiences with you. My wife too is a qualified counsellor and can be very influential in your healing process.

*We dont share your personal info with anyone.